What We Do

We assist veterans and their families through transition, rehab, and healing.

Who We Are

We are overcomers who have traveled paths like yours and can light the way.

With 48,960 veterans in the Greater Springfield area and 488,220 in Missouri alone, USA Veterans Hope Center brings our valued veterans and their families a new standard of care and commitment. We want our veterans to be all they can be as strong pillars in civilian society.

In cooperation with spiritual leaders in our community, educational institutions, and medical professionals (on-site and referrals), USA Veterans Hope Center is called to bring restoration from inside out to the whole person — spirit, soul, and body.

Branson Star Veterans Event Center - Branson Star Theatre Aerial Exterior Shot

Our head offices, located just off the strip, also serve as our VHC Event Center

See what we have to offer at our locations. 

Help me overcome in my...

Physical body

Remember Our Forgotten Veterans in this Pandemic!

This is Craig Johnson. He is a Homeless Veteran from Kansas City, MO.
Due to his homelessness, he receives no benefits from his military days and has had very limited assistance, much less access, to filing the appropriate paperwork.
Craig, along with scores of other local vets, needs urgent help.

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