About Veterans Hope Center​

Men and women who enlisted in the United States military, both now and in the past, signed a binding agreement to serve, protect, and promote the United States of America with no limitations, even laying down one’s life, and anything short of that, for this Country.

The United States, in turn, made a binding agreement with its servicemen and women to meet their active- and post active-duty needs, including the medical, rehabilitative, educational, financial, and housing needs of those disabled in the line of duty, or after, due to service.

Today more challenges exist for soldiers discharging from the military than for those enlisting. Service changes the life and world of military personnel, so to resume after discharge an active, productive, and safe life with their families, all discharged veterans require experienced guidance and listening ears through the transition. Those who suffer from Agent Orange exposure, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), physical challenges, and mental conditions require additional help, often require long-term or life-time treatment.

The Veteran’s Administration has attempted to meet these needs, but, with cut spending and such an enormous number of discharged military personnel in need, the job has become too great for this agency alone.

With this understanding, we have created the USA Veterans Hope Center to serve and honor our valued veterans and their families.

Our Mission

We turn wounded soldiers into winning warriors and transform struggling veteran families into strong, confident units full of joy.

We return veterans to their communities as assets in every area of life.

We meet in detail and duration the specialized needs of transitioning and disabled veterans. We provide a place to transition, rehabilitate, and heal both short- and long-term.

Hope is the driving force for tomorrow.

Honor to whom honor is due. Romans 13:7

With 48,960 veterans in the Greater Springfield area and 488,220 in Missouri alone, USA Veterans Hope Center brings our valued veterans and their families a new standard of care and commitment. We want our veterans to be all they can be as strong pillars in civilian society.