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Roger & Sue Desmarais

Obie Austin


Kansas City CARE Clinic, Graceland University

Obie Austin, RN, MSN, ANP, FNP-BC, is the Vice President of General Medicine at the Kansas City CARE Clinic in Kansas City, Missouri, where he has had the pleasure of serving the community in many capacities for over 20 years. He also serves as Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing at Graceland University and has been a nurse for 22 years. His experience educating nurses is comprised of 16 years at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, and at Graceland for over a year.

Obie has extensive community involvement serving on multiple boards representing University Retention, Diversity and Inclusion, Domestic Violence Housing, and services for impoverished women to name a few.

Obie is a proud member of the US Navy reserves and veteran of the US Army serving two combat tours overseas. Obie brings to our team a broad knowledge of nursing, healthcare administration, teaching, and military application.

Military: Regional Detachment Director of Expeditionary Medical Faculty – Dallas One.

Civilian: Associate Professor, Graceland School of Nursing.

DeWayne & Beverly Cunningham

DeWayne & Beverly Cunningham


DeWayne Cunningham served in the Army from August 1963 until November of 1967; as an infantryman in Vietnam in 1965 and 1966, receiving a Purple Heart for gunshot wounds sustained.

In 1991, DeWayne and his wife Beverly started DeWayne Cunningham Ministries, Inc. a non-profit organization. DeWayne has taken 80 evangelical mission trips to many parts of the world.

The Cunninghams believe there is no problem that cannot be fixed by knowledge of Jesus Christ. They believe that the problems that both veterans and civilians alike face are a direct result of a lack of the spiritual knowledge of Jesus Christ and the love of God.

In recent years of ministry, they have become involved with Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA). Here they show others a better way of life, that there is a God, and that He loves them. DeWayne and Beverly have been married 44 years and reside in Greenfield, Missouri.

Robert & Judy Williams

Robert (with us in spirit) & Judy Williams

Mentors & Life coaches

As servant leaders, mentors, friends, and life coaches, Robert and Judith Williams endeavor to be examples of the Zoe life of God – abundant life to the fullest, a life without boundaries and beyond all previous limits, a life experiencing wellness and wealth.

The Williams relocated to Branson, MO, almost 9 years ago from East Providence, RI. Robert retired as a State Transit Authority, and Judith, as a Registered Nurse. They served as Associate Pastors for ten years in Providence. Now, members of Faith Life Church in Branson, they serve as class facilitators, altar care workers, and Visitors Welcome Team ministers. They stay active in the Branson community as members of the Branson Professional Tour Guide Association; Robert also served as a Branson Chamber of Commerce Ambassador.

On July 19, 2018 Robert was tragically killed in the Ride-the-Duck boating accident on Table Rock Lake in Missouri.

“We Encourage Empowered people to Live in Wellness and to Prosper Spirit, Soul and Body as they walk in the Fullness of their Life’s Purpose and Destiny.”

Honorable Lynn Morris

Honorable Lynn Morris

Missouri State Representative

Lynn Morris, R.Ph., M.S., is a pharmacist, entrepreneur, business owner, and State Representative.

Lynn got his first taste of entrepreneurship as a youngster mowing lawns. True to his enterprising spirit, it wasn’t long before Lynn was hiring neighborhood friends to help him take on a growing client list. Lynn attributes his work ethic and perseverance to his early years mowing lawns; “If you can labor outside for 8 hours at the height of a Missouri summer, you can do anything you set your mind to.”

Lynn is a graduate of Parkview High School, where he took 2nd Place State High School Doubles in tennis. Lynn continued his tennis career while studying pre-pharmacy at Missouri State University (MSU) on a tennis scholarship. After two years at MSU, Lynn transferred to University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC) where in 1972 he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in pharmacy. Lynn returned to higher education at Southwest Baptist University and in 2000 was awarded a Masters of Healthcare Administration.

In 1977, following a stint as assistant store manager at Petty Drug Company, Lynn took a leap of faith and opened his first Family Pharmacy in Ozark, Missouri. On his first day in business, Lynn filled 12 prescriptions. Today, over 10,000 prescriptions are filled daily across the Family Pharmacy operation.

Lynn has had the pleasure of being awarded several designations during his professional career. U.S. Pharmacist Publication selected Lynn as U.S. Pharmacist of the Year in 1997. In 2003, Lynn was awarded the Wyeth Ayerst Bowl of Hygeia Community Service Award by the Missouri Pharmacy Association. The Bowl of Hygeia is one of the highest awards in the pharmacy industry, with criteria including community service and leadership.

Because Lynn thrives on a busy schedule, in 2012, he led a successful campaign for election to serve as a Missouri State Representative, District 140 (Eastern Christian county). Lynn was most recently reelected to serve his 3rd term. Lynn resides in Fremont Hills with his loving wife Janet.

Honorable Lynn Morris

Don & Sue Matison


Don Matison is President of Life Builders Ministries and Vice President of Children’s Feeding Network and Coordinator for Angel Food Ministries in western Missouri.  

Don has been in ministry for 50 years.  During the 17 years of ministry in Southern California, he and his wife, Sue, established two Teen Challenge centers, the Youth Awakening Girls Home, The Vine Coffee House, and the Bar-V Jesus Ranch.  During these years, they traveled throughout the country and to different countries of the world, preaching and teaching in churches, parks, auditoriums, prisons, camps, conferences, beaches, and schools.  Don had his own television program and a number of radio programs.  He appeared on several TV shows in the L.A. area.  During the 70’s, Don & Sue were quite active as leaders in the Jesus People Movement, and their story has been written in a number of books and publications telling about that era.  In 1982, Don & Sue moved to the midwest, and pastored a church near Le Roy, Kansas for ten years.  During the early 90’s they helped start the first Bible university in the Czech Republic after the Berlin wall came down.  They also established a ministry in Wichita, Kansas, The Doxa, a gospel coffee house.  They were there for four years.  Moving to Missouri in 1997, they have established Children’s Feeding Network in the Springfield – Republic area, and brought Angel Food Ministries of Monroe, GA to Missouri. Angel food Ministries is no longer in operation. Dr. Matison is helping in the development of a new food operation for Missouri that can fill the void left by the closing of Angelfood.       

Children’s Feeding Network has supplied food to many churches,  organizations, & individuals throughout the Midwest.  Winds of Mercy is an arm  of Children’s Feeding Network that provides disaster relief in stricken areas.  When tornadoes struck in SW Missouri, Winds of Mercy was there with financial aid & a semi load of food.(See childrensfeedingnetwork.org & angelfoodministries.com.)  

The Matisons have been involved in projects in Thailand, Africa, and the Philippines.  Mexico City has a special place in their hearts, and they have ministered there many times. 

Through their lives in ministry, they have touched many people for the Lord Jesus, and they give Him all the glory for whatever has been done.

 Dr. Matison is also moving as an Apostle in the Body of Christ. He is involved in activating the gifts of the Spirit in the body and the teaching of the Kingdom of God. Preaching, teaching, imparting, developing courses for people to run on in today’s world are some of the objectives of Dr. Matison’s ministry.   Dr. Matison and Sue have been married 57 years and have three daughters and ten grandchildren & twelve great-grandchildren.  They are still part of Children’s Feeding Network and their ministry of Life Builder’s Ministry.