As many of you may know by now. We are very sad to report the Central Bible College location has been sold. This was a shock to us, but we are committed to the needs of the veterans everywhere. To seeing a campus in every region of the USA, while we have other things in the works for the future. We are in need of the funds necessary to press on in our combined faithfulness, see what the Lord has planned for us. 

The long desired campus is not out of the question yet.  We remain faithful to God, remembering always that Nothing is Impossible.  Faith does require action and that is where you come in.  We need your continued involvement to see this project through.  You will see throughout this website, donation buttons and a how you can help tab as well.  Stay involved, pray, volunteer and give if you will. Imagine the joy of seeing the lives of many people changed because of this great opportunity.  Not only our great veterans, but volunteers, staff and family members as well.

Purchasing a Large USA Veterans Hope Center campus can become a reality. Join us today!

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invest in our veterans
by giving towards the campus.