Counseling for Individuals & Families
We offer extensive personal and family counseling programs in place along with marriage and financial counseling.
PTSD & Suicide Prevention Services
We are in a time of acute emergency in both PTSD treatment and suicide prevention. Often PTSD leads to suicide.
Active Duty Transition Services
We provide help with housing, vocational direction, spouse and family services and even assistance in relocation of the family.
Hope International
Worship with believers who give honor and bring hope. Plant the Word of God in your heart. Build your life on the Rock.

Our Services

It is the desire and goal of the USA Veterans Hope Center to prepare a setting and facility that will promote, preserve, heal and give hope to our veterans. No matter what they have experienced or what position they may find themselves in. We provide services that any veteran may utilize simply, with a helpful staff to assist. To the transitioning, disabled, and regular veterans we offer hope, stability, and healing.

The majority of all of our services for veterans and their families are available on site. This reduces the need for continued returns and redundant paperwork and questions.

Restore Your Mind & Body

We are in a time of acute emergency in both PTSD treatment and suicide prevention. Often PTSD leads to suicide.
There have been as many suicides among veterans in the past decade as the total number of American troops killed during the Vietnam War.

USAVHC has created an environment that:

  1. Educates
  2.  Treats the issues stemming from exposure to the deadly chemical through referral to medical facilities.

Sadly, our government has not appropriately addressed the issue. There is limited information or treatment available for this issue and so too the education about the effects and signs of exposure. Agent Orange affects the entire body in adverse ways that often are not diagnosed as related to exposure to the chemical.

We are creating an extensive education and treatment facility in the Southwest Missouri area.

SCAR Program. Overcoming past traumas and Future hurdles.

There will be full service physical therapy as well as psychological therapy available on site by qualified therapists. 

A complete and comprehensive medical referral program geared to work through the VA system without network referrals for a greater standard of care.

Medication Management is a program designed to educate patients (veterans and family members) as to the medication benefits as well as side effects of the medication that has been prescribed to them.

What the long term effects are and the dynamics of prolonged use. It is absolutely essential that the veteran is aware of the problems of mixing the medications as well as the issues of mixing the medication with illicit drugs and or alcohol. Often Medical staff do not inform veterans of the dangers of combining certain prescribed medications.

Rebuild Your Family

Six to eight months prior to a service member’s permanent separation from military service, a veteran registers with USAVHC for direction in transitioning. We provide help with housing, vocational direction, spouse and family services and even assistance in relocation of the family.

More often than not the family unit is separated throughout the duration of the active duty soldier’s deployment. With that being the case, the family is divided for a period of time and subsequently grows apart and communication often fails. It is imperative that families are reunited in a family setting.

The dependents of the veterans come together via social media and in person at events to become a strong support system. Sharing experiences is paramount in not feeling isolated or alone.

Temporary residency and work program.

Providing services and direction for spouses and other survivors is extremely important to the future success of the veterans family. Often without information with reference to benefits and services available to them, they do without much needed assistance. We provide that direction and the connections to those services.

It is our desire to be more inclusive of Native American Veterans and Families with interest and emphasis on specific needs unique to this group of Veterans. There are many issues that Native American veteran’s face that are not currently known or recognized by our society in general.  We want to address this issue and these needs.

Renew Your Heart and Life

Worship with believers who give honor and bring hope. Plant the Word of God in your heart. Build your life on the Rock.

A huge segment of the veteran population has been and is currently overlooked by VA services in America. The incarcerated veteran and those with restrictions by the legal system. The Hope Center recognizes this need and has an ongoing program to assist these veterans and their families.

A direct correlation exists between PTSD and drug usage of both elicit, or street drugs and prescription drugs, many of which were introduced to the veteran as a form of medication treatment due to an injury or mental health issue while serving on active duty. Alcohol consumption is also of paramount concern, plus the lack or absence of gainful employment for the veteran when he or she returns from service. All of these situations can lead veterans to commit crimes, creating a direct link between these issues and jail or prison. However, no matter what has brought these veterans into the penal system, they still need services for themselves and their families. We provide that much needed link to those services.

We have extensive personal and family counseling programs in place as well as Marriage and financial counseling.

Wounds can heal. Learn from overcomers what it takes to heal your heart and win in life again.

Redirect Your Future

The Hope Center provides all services needed for filing for claims and applications for veterans and family benefits. Our VSO (Veterans Service Officer) is proficient in all aspects of benefit services and is available to serve anyone in need of these services.

In so many cases, due to deployment and financial strains placed on military families, the family unit finds itself with a poor credit rating. We have bankers and financial analysts willing and waiting to assist veterans in improving their financial situations at no cost, thereby making the financial future of the veteran and or family much brighter.

There are several different services available to veterans and their families with reference to continuing or education completion. We are associated with the Missouri Career Center, Joseph School of Business, Logos University as well as a new School for the Performing Arts.

Complete referral services are available for all veterans and their families. All they need to do is apply.

We are associated with very reputable Veterans Home Loan specialists along with VA guideline assistance.

Many Veterans leave the military with no idea what to do vocationally due to various reasons. One reason is the MOS or Rate in which they were employed while on active duty is not conducive to civilian life or their past employment is not a needed field where they have decided to reside.Therefore, a change of training is often needed.

There are also former military personnel with many years invested in their jobs while in the military who are willing and qualified to teach those skills to others. We then have a great exchange. Veterans now have the opportunity to learn a new field and other veterans have an opportunity to work still at what they have been trained in and have become proficient in.

A re-awakening of the WPA program combined with a registry of work willing veterans is creating a ready workforce. Whether for day labor or full-time employment, a potential employer will be satisfied with what is available.