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USA Veterans Hope Center Board Announces Death of Board Member Robert (Bob) Williams

July 20, 2018 04:25 PM CST

SPRINGFIELD, MO—lt is with heavy heart, yet hope, that the USA
Veterans Hope Center Board of Directors announces the untimely death of Board member Robert (Bob) Williams who was tragically killed July 19 in the Ride-the-Duck boating accident on Table Rock Lake in Missouri.

Robert & Judith Williams

As our very first board members, Bob and Judy Williams have been a driving force behind the USA Veterans Hope Center. They have faithfully provided mentorship and ministry through media to active military and institutionalized veterans, have organized ministry events for veterans, and have led as servant leaders, mentors, friends, and life coaches to all. Bob brought to the Board his meek and gentle spirit, Godly wisdom, and steadfast faith. He has been a Board member since 2013.

“We Love Bob. Bob was more than a Board member; he was a friend, mentor, and father and grandfather to our family. He will be missed. We continue to rally around Judy and I love her very much. We are broken-hearted, but God is a heart fixer.”— Almer Jackson, Founder & CEO

About USA Veterans Hope Center

With 48,960 veterans in the Greater Springfield area and 488,220 in Missouri alone, USA Veterans Hope Center brings our valued veterans and their families a new standard of care and commitment. We want our veterans to be all they can be as strong pillars in civilian society.

Our mission is to meet in detail and duration the specialized needs of transitioning, disabled, and regular veterans by providing a place to acclimate, rehabilitate, and heal. In one central location we will offer services for life restoration, mental and physical health, and family and career guidance, plus experienced navigation of earned veteran benefits. In cooperation with spiritual leaders in our community, educational institutions, and medical professionals (on-site and referrals), USA Veterans Hope Center is called to bring restoration from inside out to the whole person — spirit, soul, and body. We turn wounded soldiers into winning warriors and transform veterans’ struggling families into units of peace and joy.

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